Do I have to order online?
Placing your order online is easiest and you'll have immediate access to your purchase but if you'd prefer to buy offline and receive your font via email that's not a problem. Remember though that if you subsequently open a user account online with us it won't include details of any previous offline purchases.

How can I pay for the fonts? What currencies do you accept?
For online orders we accept most major credit and debit cards or you can choose to pay via PayPal. Alternatively we can arrange to receive payment via bank transfer for larger or offline transactions; in these instances the fonts will only be despatched once funds have cleared which could involve a delay of 2-5 days. We accept GBP Sterling or you can also order online using US Dollars or Euros, prices for which are automatically set to the rate which is current at the time of the transaction.

Can I order a font on someone else's behalf?
Yes you can. When entering registration info put your details in the billing section and your client's details (the Licensee) in the relevant section.

How safe and secure will my details be?
You can place orders and use the site with total peace of mind. We use 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your payment details and you can check our SSL authorisation certificate at any time. Furthermore G-Type.com also supports 3D authentication during the payment process which was introduced by banks and credit/debit card providers as an extra anti-fraud mechanism. You will need to have set a password on your card and will be prompted for verification where applicable before completing your transaction.

What does the standard desktop licence cover?
When you buy one of our desktop fonts it comes with a standard licence which covers use on up to 5 devices, e.g. desktop computer/workstation, tablet, laptop etc. If you need to use the font on more than 5 devices either insert the correct number in the licence box when purchasing at g-type.com or contact us for a multi-user/device licence. Licences can be extended at any time if your organisation's use outgrows its original licence. Please note we don't impose any limitations on geographical location, so if your company needs a licence for 50 devices spread across 3 different sites there is nothing extra to pay for the 2 additional offices.

Can I use the fonts on the web as webfonts?
Buy a self-hosted webfont licence at g-type.com if you're looking to download a G-Type webfont (WOFF/WOFF2/EOT format) and embed into your website using CSS. Simply add the font and select the applicable pageview licence in your shopping cart before checkout. A separate licence is required for web server based applications such as an online greetings card service, contact us to order that. You won't need a webfont licence if you're just placing static images (gifs, jpgs, pngs etc) containing our fonts into web pages. Read more about webfont licensing here.

What if I want a larger multi-user or Corporate Licence?
Absolutely no problem, we offer a broad range of flexible licence options covering most requirements. Please refer to our comprehensive licensing section for more details. You can purchase a licence online for up to 1,000 devices but please contact us for a quote if your needs are more complex (e.g. 3rd party use).

What about embedding into mobile/digital apps, ePub titles etc?
These are all possible, with app & ePub licensing available at checkout, together with desktop & web options. Please read our Licensing FAQ section first for more information and then get in touch if you'd like a quote.

What font format do you supply? Is it compatible with my software applications?
All G-Type desktop fonts are supplied in OpenType (OTF) format which is fully compatible with Macintosh & Windows operating systems. Some fonts may also be available in TrueType (TTF) format. OpenType is compatible with all major software applications from Adobe, Microsoft, Quark etc. Our webfonts come in WOFF2, WOFF & EOT formats. It is expressly forbidden to convert any G-Type fonts to different formats yourself; contact us if you have a specific format request.

How do I install the fonts onto my computer?
Make sure you unzip the folder containing the fonts you've purchased before installing. If you're using 3rd party font installation software then please refer to the instructions that came with the software. If you're installing straight into the Macintosh Operating System Fonts folder you have 3 choices: use the Fontbook application to handle installation, add the fonts directly into the System Fonts folder seen by everyone (Macintosh HD>Library>Fonts) or restrict installation/use to your personal folder (Macintosh HD>Users>YOUR ACCOUNT>Library>Fonts). If installing into Windows simply drag the unzipped fonts into the Control Panel Fonts folder.

What characters (glyphs) are in a G-Type font? Can I try out your fonts?
You can view the complete glyph content for each font by scrolling to the 'Character Set' section on each master font page. Alternatively download the free PDF specimen for the typeface you're interested in and the character set will be included for you to inspect. Most G-Type fonts contain Western & CE code pages by default; Pro fonts will also invariably contain Cyrillic/Greek, extra figure sets, Small Caps, alternates, stylistic sets and other OT features but please check to see if the character you need is included before you buy the font. You can try out any font on g-type.com using the Test Drive tools. You may also interrogate each font's OT features using the tools.

Can I modify the fonts I've bought?
Under no circumstances are you allowed to convert, modify or extend G-Type fonts; please contact us directly if you'd like a quote for customising one of our fonts or having a brand new one designed from scratch.

If you have any further questions or you'd like a licence quote please email licensing@g-type.com

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