Custom Typefaces

Organisations commission custom fonts and lettering for a multitude of reasons; they may want something totally unique to help them stand out from the crowd, or maybe they can’t quite find the right “off the shelf” typeface for their needs.

Having a bespoke font solution the organisation can own is certainly preferable to a large outlay on an inflexible corporate licence. It's also pretty cool to have your own custom font!

The reasons may vary but in every case there’s a common ingredient; appreciation of type’s fundamental role in a consistent brand identity and its ability to communicate the right message or values to customers. Put more simply, your corporate typeface defines your brand or product and encapsulates who you are.

Tailoring a font to a company’s needs or for a specific purpose is a job requiring advanced typographic expertise. That’s where we come in.

G-Type have years of experience in custom type design. We’ve developed exclusive custom fonts for the likes of Walmart, Citroën, Vauxhall and the Mail On Sunday so you can be sure we’ll design high quality typefaces to suit any environment, undertaken with meticulous attention to detail, delivered on time and within budget.

Our extensive range of custom font services will create the necessary typographic identity and impact your organisation needs in order to make its mark.

Send an email to or call us to start the ball rolling.

The client supplied sheets of handwriting which were carefully analysed before choosing the best characters, each one then redrawn and individually smoothed before final assembly in FontLab.

Extensive programming achieves a convincing flow which automatically replaces certain character combinations when typed.


In the days before OpenType, if three different styles were required three separate fonts would have to be produced. Now OT programming allows for any number of styles contained within one font. (See Houschka Pro).


Before Jason Smith’s ubiquitous ‘Albert’ family there were far fewer sans fonts with infant a’s. The infant a is seen as friendly and approachable, if indeed a letter can be friendly and approachable.

Greenbee is a former brand of the John Lewis Partnership.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Bespoke handwriting font commissioned by design agency johnson banks for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

The friendly and casual styling lends personality and humanity to the CFT brand and offsets the use of Helvetica in what the agency refer to as an “active identity system”, eschewing the use of a traditional logo in favour of a “naming device”.

Read more on our blog.

Supermarket Type

Custom font for a large supermarket chain and an opportunity to design something infinitely superior to the odious and badly drawn Arrow typeface which, on close examination, lacks any real elegance or refinement.

Caffè Nero

Informal type style for the omnipresent high street coffee chain.

Used for all internal signage and blackboard price lists behind the counter in a faux hand-drawn type style.


Extensive sans serif family with a broad remit.

There are two variants of this face. This is the main style for Vauxhall literature, which has been superseded by a version with a slightly lower x-height for advertising.


Multi-lingual display font composed of dots, created for the Unilever hair care brand as part of a worldwide advertising campaign.

Pan-European language coverage plus Arabic and S.E. Asian scripts were included in this massive project.

Reebok Scratched

All caps typeface created for the global sportswear giant containing three extra stylistic sets plus built-in ligatures for duplicate letters.

The character set was further extended by the addition of Cyrillic glyphs with, you’ve guessed it, an accompanying stylistic set!

Sun Life, Canada

Another massive project (via Interbrand) comprising Sans, Sans Condensed & Serif families; all with Italics, plus an extra Script font for good measure.

Working to an extremely tight deadline this complete type system of 31 legible styles was delivered in multiple formats, all optimised for enhanced screen display.

Supermarket script type

The name of this font is ‘Every Little Helps’, which should tell you who the client was (they’re a little shy about us divulging their name!).

Informal handwriting font with a limited set of ligatures that works tirelessly across all media.

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