Custom Logotypes

G-Type works closely with design groups and branding agencies to create unique new logotypes or refresh and finesse existing ones.

Our versatility means we’re equally comfortable designing word marks for financial institutions, mastheads for newspapers or logos for TV programmes. We have a particularly soft spot for toilet paper lettering!

Email to discuss your project and request a quote. In the meantime have a flick through a selection of previous commissions with commentary from G-Type founder Nick Cooke.

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For Publicis, London.

This is an unpublished variation of a magazine masthead for Debenhams’ in-house ‘Desire’ magazine. I like the subliminal heart made with the S and R, symbolising desire.

They went for the bog-standard ‘straight’ version unfortunately.


I knocked this up for my own business card.

One side reads “Nick Cooke - All things type”, and the reverse reads “and Beautiful”.

All things type and beautiful - geddit? No? Oh please yourselves.

The Lady Magazine

When Rachel Johnson, (Boris’s sister), was hired to drag England’s longest-running magazine for gentlewomen kicking and screaming into the 21st century, it was the perfect opportunity to update the logo - to a cleaned-up version of the 125 year old original.


For Turner Duckworth, London.

The client supplied the original file to be ‘finessed’ into a more professional/friendly mark and this was the result. This style was further developed into all other European wordmarks.


For Design House, London.

Familiar to millions of London Underground commuters, I developed this lettering to be instantly recognisable and have a little more personality than the tiresome VAG Rounded.


The brief was to incorporate the @Manchester into the word China, so I tried it as an exclamation mark but this was the preferred solution.

All counters in the letters match the inter-character space. The red @ symbol looks like a stamp found on Chinese artworks.


Luke Scheybeler, the co-founder and creative director of iconic luxury road cycling brand Rapha created the initial concept for the wordmark. It was further developed and finessed into this iconic and much-loved logo.

The logotype is meant to evoke the golden age of cycling in the 1950s.

“Nick did a sensational job when we collaborated on the Rapha logo. He added elegance, refinement and his signature calligraphic flair, enhancing my concept and turning it into a classic. I’ve worked with him on several projects since and he never fails to deliver superb creative work.”
Luke Scheybeler, founder Rapha, Tracksmith and Scheÿbeler.

Check out the Rapha emporium in Soho, London and Luke’s design agency Scheybeler+company.

Read more about the Rapha logo on the blog.


For Franca, Venezuela.

New logotype for premium bakery and coffee house chain in Caracas, Venezuela. I thought the backward slant would give the type a certain 'I don't know what' as they say in France.


For Thompson Brand Partners, UK.

Logotype for The Dartington Hall Trust - a base for experiments in social regeneration.

Conté à Paris

For Turner Duckworth, London.

For this rebrand the heritage archive of Conté à Paris was the source of inspiration. This re-working and updating of an old logo was originally deemed too perfect, so was altered to add the right note of authenticity.


For Elmwood, Leeds.

So... is a sub-brand of Richardson Sheffield who make quality steel knives and other kitchen equipment. The So range covers crockery and other non-steel items.

I wouldn’t mind developing this lettering as a type family, I think it looks quite good.

Daily Mail crest

For The Daily Mail.

As part of the updated masthead the crest needed completely redrawing into something more solid and professional rather than the amateurish cartoon-like previous iteration.

Giggling Squid

For Neale Network, Brighton.

Their client was a Thai Restaurant - so I designed a fluid squid-like logo featuring a novel take on flourishes, with tentacles, i dots and terminals as suckers, which is also a nod to the Thai alphabet which contains similar circles.

Since their launch in 2010 Giggling Squid have expanded from one, to over thirty restaurants in the South of England.


For Thompson Brand Partners, UK.

I developed this clean, simple, yet distinctive logotype for the UK’s market-leading furniture group.

Red Hot

For Tim Gasperak, Berkeley, California, USA.

Tim wanted something that evokes 1950s rockabilly music, soda shops, custom cars etc, but with an updated aesthetic and a ‘sporty’ look & feel.

Aktiv Kapital

For Lambie-Nairn, London.

Logo and wordmark for a European Finance Company.

The type is an adapted version of my own Houschka typeface. The italicised ak logo and upward sweep of the k’s arm from the base of the a suggests upward-thrusting dynamism.


For Root Design via Fontworks UK.

I designed this distinctive, fancy logo for an events company.

Strad Estates

For Turner Duckworth, london.

The idea was to have mirrored and rotated characters for the s, a and e while remaining legible, clean and completely unique.


For Davies Barron, London

This was one of many iterations of the Pringle brand over the years.


For Turner Duckworth, London.

Salvaspazio is a space saving toilet roll for Italy (just squashed really), hence the ‘squashed’ appearance of the logotype.

Why the Italians have less space for toilet roll storage than any other nation I have no idea.


This is an update of the logo for the classic British bicycle saddle maker.

Genus Performance Gardenwear

For Genus Performance Gardenwear.

Gardenwear company Genus, based in the beautiful Cotswolds, needed a logotype that reflected their image as makers of high-end practical outdoor gardenwear. The Performance Gardenwear strapline is in G-Type's Houschka Alt Pro.


For Hello Design, Somerset.

Custom approachable, friendly logo for a design company.


For Turner Duckworth, London.

When it comes to toilet roll it’s one extreme to the other for the Italian market, (see Salvaspazio) - this time large rolls.

Seth & Riley's

Part of the Carlsberg Group, Seth & Riley's is a sub-brand of 'Hard' ie. alcoholic drinks like lemonade and Ginger Beer.


For Design House, London.

Wordmark designed to reflect the nr of the logotype for this BBC children’s news programme.


For Unreal, London.

Custom logotype for TV production company. Old-fashioned traditional image for a high-tech cutting-edge media business.


For Elmwood, Leeds.

So... is a sub-brand of Richardson Sheffield who make quality steel knives and other kitchen equipment. The So range covers crockery and other non-steel items.

I wouldn’t mind developing this lettering as a type family, I think it looks quite good.

Nuevo Acolchado & Kussenzacht

For Turner Duckworth, London.

Yet more toilet roll lettering - this time for Spain and the Netherlands.

The type isn’t based upon anything else. Nor is most of my other stuff come to that.

Daily Mail logo

For Daily Mail, London.

A long-overdue update/redraw to the famous British newspaper's masthead, complete with crest.

Cacao Miranda

For Franca, Caracas, Venzuela

Cacao Miranda is the chocolate-producing sub-brand of Franca Coffeecakes. The stylised hummingbird represents one of the iconic birds that hover around the Cacao flowers on the plantation.


For Fitch Design.

This wordmark was for a not-very-well-run Turkish bank which was taken over by the government.


For Ricardo Koraicho, Brazil.

When Ricardo founded a premium sport brand he looked to G-Type's work for Rapha for inspiration and wanted something of a similar vein, but as every logo is unique to that client this new wordmark was created.


For This is True North.

We collaborated with This is True North when T I Midwood and Co. updated of their family-run screws, fixings and hardware brand to TIMCO.
Two weights of a custom typeface referencing the stencil attributes of the logo were also developed for the relaunch.

Michelle Anne

For Michelle Anne Healey.

Michelle Anne is a neuroscience coach and wanted a friendly, approachable logotype for her online business offering courses to businesses and individuals.

Silver Cross symbol

When Silver Cross, the makers of prestigious prams and baby equipment approached G-Type I was delighted as I was well acquainted with the brand having cycled past their factory every day on my way to school. Furthermore, Mr. Wilson, my English teacher was part of the family which owned the company.

A simple symbol for Silver Cross was needed so I created the SC from two interlocking ovals in a cross.

Scarfes Bar

For Plus Agency.

The stunning library style interiors of Scarfes Bar suggested an open book for the crossbar of the A which was implemented in the finished logo.

The Brain Gym

For Michelle Anne Healey.

Michelle Anne is a neuroscience coach and this course is for individuals to learn tools that are proven to create new neural pathways and possibilities. The logo composed of interconnected BG's suggests connected neurons in the brain. The Brain Gym lettering is an adapted style of G-Type Houschka.

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