Frequently Asked Questions:
The ins & outs of licensing G-Type fonts.

Why do I need a licence?
A digital font is a piece of software. When you buy and download one of our fonts you are actually purchasing a licence to use the font software under the terms and conditions specified in the relevant G-Type End User Licence Agreement (EULA). It's no different from buying any other piece of computer software.

How do we work out what we need?
When you buy one of our desktop fonts it comes with a standard licence which covers use on up to 5 devices, e.g. desktop computer, tablet, laptop etc. If you need to use the font on more than 5 devices either insert the correct number in the licence box when purchasing at or contact us for a multi-user/device licence. Licences can be extended at any time if your organisation's use outgrows its original licence. Please note we don't impose any limitations on geographical location, so if your company needs a licence for 50 devices spread across 3 different sites there is nothing extra to pay for the 2 additional offices.

Networks & Servers
If the fonts are stored on a server that is attached to a network, every device and server that has access to the fonts or stores them must be properly licensed. By means of illustration, if there are 100 devices (including servers) connected together as part of a network, with no more than 15 devices or servers ever using or storing the fonts concurrently, but the fonts will be accessed or used on up to 50 different devices at various points in time, a multi-user/device licence must be obtained for 50 devices.

Using fonts on the web
Buy a self-hosted webfont licence at if you're looking to download a G-Type webfont (WOFF/WOFF2/EOT) and embed into your website. Simply add the font and select the applicable pageview licence in your shopping cart before checkout. A separate licence is required for web server based applications such as an online greetings card service, contact us to order that. You won't need a webfont licence if you're just placing static images (gifs, jpgs, pngs etc) containing our fonts into web pages. Read more about webfont licensing here.

Embedding into electronic documents, PDFs, eBooks etc
Embedding G-Type fonts into non-commercial documents and PDFs is permitted under the standard desktop licence; if you want to embed into an electronic document, eBook, magazine etc that will be sold to customers or subscribers then you'll need to buy an ePub licence for the relevant number of titles.

Embedding into mobile apps, software, games & hardware products
Licences to embed G-Type fonts into digital apps for multi-platform use on mobiles and tablets can be purchased online on a per title basis. Embedding G-Type fonts into software products such as games, or hardware device interfaces on smart phones, tablets, set top boxes, consoles etc requires a separate OEM or Application Embedding Licence. Contact us to arrange that.

3rd party use: agencies, printers, suppliers, freelancers etc
Any independent entity, contractor or person not working as an employee of your organisation such as an agency, supplier, printer or freelancer must purchase their own licence to use the fonts, or you can purchase a licence on their behalf (simply enter their details in the Licensee section at checkout). Never send fonts to external entities unless specifically permitted to do so. Third parties can be included as part of a separate Corporate or Enterprise Licence. Artwork can be sent externally to an unlicensed recipient if converted first to paths or outlines.

Larger licences & licence extensions
You can buy a licence online at for up to 1,000 desktop devices/users but if you need a larger licence than this, or if you prefer ordering offline, please contact us for a quote. Licences can be extended at any time as your organisation grows. We also offer flexible Corporate Licences for organisations with extensive and complex needs; invariably a Corporate Licence will cover desktop, web and other font licensing requirements under one personalised Agreement.

Do we receive a certificate?
PDF Licence Certificates are only issued to customers buying a multi-user/device licence or non-standard licence offline. For online orders your email receipt should be kept safely as proof of licence purchase.

How long does the licence last?
All G-Type fonts & webfonts are licensed in perpetuity for a one-off fee.

Can we modify the fonts?
Under no circumstances are you allowed to convert, modify or extend G-Type fonts; please contact G-Type directly if you'd like a quote for customising one of our fonts.

If you have any further questions or you'd like a licence quote please email

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