Underlines in Rollerscript

Inserting underlines in Rollerscript.

Our Rollerscript family seems to have caught your collective imagination since its launch. One of the many bonus features in Rollerscript is the ability to insert underlines in ten different lengths, however some of you have been unsure about the process, hence this post.

It really couldn't be simpler, as long as you’re using OpenType compatible software such as InDesign or Illustrator.

Here’s what to do:
1. Place your cursor to the right of the word you want to underline.
2. Open the glyph palette.
3. Locate the row of glyphs containing the underlines.
4. Double click your chosen length to insert.

You may need to delete after insertion if the length isn’t quite right and you want to use a longer underline. The first entry in the glyph palette is the shortest, running across to the widest underline on the right.

Fans of Olicana will be familiar with this process because the crossings out work the same way.

Use the glyph palette to access other non standard symbols, arrows and emoticons in Rollerscript.

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