Hand Script Volume

The Hand Script Volume is a value bundle pack featuring three selected styles of our most popular handwriting fonts: Rollerscript, Olicana & Gizmo.

Three distinctly different types of pen are represented in this pack: nibbed pen (Olicana Fine), brush (Gizmo) and roller pen (Rollerscript Smooth).

This volume offers real value for money, retailing at half the normal price of the fonts when purchased individually. Perfect then as an introduction to these ultra authentic handwriting families that come stuffed with alternates, ligatures, swashes, small caps, emoticons, ink splats, underlines and extended language support.

Rollerscript is, in effect, a more modern version of Olicana whose letterforms were drafted using a nibbed pen and ink. Handwriting tends to change depending on what instrument you're using and with Rollerscript the outcome is decidedly more casual and informal than Olicana, though equally realistic. Rollerscript's handwriting credentials are given a further boost with the inclusion of multiple underlines and sketched icons, arrows and emoticons.

Olicana is brimming with ligatures, alternates, swashes and extra features like ink splats and crossings-out, not to mention the choice of using a modern or ornate styling within the same font! All of which makes Olicana the perfect choice for creating an authentic handwritten style that looks just like real pen and ink.

Gizmo was created by writing with a brush pen on fairly porous paper. Clever programming ensures an even flow when set as text, enabling Gizmo to appear as quickly-written handwriting. The inclusion of multiple ligatures, which automatically kick in as you type, give Gizmo a truly authentic brush script appearance and hand-drawn dynamic.

Gizmo works especially well at large sizes when the characteristically blobby and uneven edges become more evident.

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